Company Name Oyama Engineering Co., Ltd.
Address 1250 Ohiraga Tomika-cho,Kamo-gun, Gifu-ken 501-3307
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Establishment August 2009
Representative Representative Director Takashi Oyama   See the greeting from the representative
Business Description Manufacturing of prototypes and mass-produced components for aircrafts and automobiles
□5-axis cutting
□Aircraft components, automobile prototype components, mass-produced components in small lots
□Molded parts, jigs
□Artistic works
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August 2009 Established Oyama Engineering Co., Ltd. in Moriyama Ward, Nagoya City.
Manufactured mechanical parts as the main business.
April 2010 Introduced a surface grinder and a second-hand machining center
Manufactured mass-produced jig products.
May 2012 Introduced YAMAZAKI MAZAK Machining Center FJV250
Manufactured components, jigs and tools for aircrafts.
March 2014 Introduced YAMAZAKI MAZAK 5-axis Machining Center VARIAXIS J500
The 2012 Subsidy Program for Manufacturing
September 2014 Introduced CAD, CAM software and the master CAM
March 2015 Introduced TOKYO SEIMITSU 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine SVA-600
The 2013 Subsidy Program for Manufacturing
November 2016 Received the "Artistic Award" in the 12th Cutting Dream Contest Awards, held by DMG Mori Seiki
October 2017 Introduced MATSUURA 5-axis Machining Center MX520
Began full operation of simultaneous 5-axis machining.
December 2017 Introduced CAD, CAM software "hyperMILL®"
November 2018 Exhibition of "Tiara" in JIMTOF2018
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1250 Ohiraga Tomika-cho,Kamo-gun, Gifu-ken 501-3307

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Representative director  	Takashi Oyama

All things made by cutting may look the same, but their characteristics really do differ from each other because they are made by different people.

To be honest, I am afraid that our company is too persistent towards "manufacturing".
We accept any request for producing prototypes, and do it without reservations. Without sparing any effort, we provide products that go beyond clients' expectations within the designated time frame.

The more complicated and difficult the ordered product is, the stronger our "go and try" spirit becomes. That is the way of Oyama Engineering, and our brand-conscious mind which states "this is the work of Oyama Engineering".

Once, someone asked to make a prototype of a part used for precision machinery.
I could judge from their drawing that it was so difficult that it seemed almost impossible to make even by adding a welding process other than the cutting process. After completing the prototype, which a major machining maker had rejected to make, the client said, "I am so impressed."
At this moment, I realized that a product made with extra time and effort can tell something.

Cutting is a profound technique in which you can find unknown possibilities.
We would like many people to know that "we can even do this with cutting!"

Oyama Engineering's challenge will continue.
We will continue to impress our clients by entering new fields of business such as medical care and fine arts with our highly precise cutting technique which we are proud of.

We will continue our challenge by thinking over "what can we do with our cutting technique?"