01Our strengths

Craftsmanship with our cutting technique to excite clients

Cutting techniques are used to create products from a metal ingot by utilizing various tools.
We, Oyama Engineering, provide our full-scale "cutting" technique for a wide range of metal machining processes, from molded components for the automobile industry and components for the aerospace industry.
Aluminum is the key material for us. With our high-precision machining technique as a foundation, we can also provide other products made by stainless steel and heat-resistant alloy.

Our strengths reside in complicated forms and demanding cutting work in which we utilize a simultaneous 5-axis machine and a 3D cutting machine. Putting emphasis on quality rather than quantity, we strive to brush up our techniques on a daily basis, aiming for tailor-made machined products which can excite people.

02Flexible & Rapid Response

We respond to various requests from our clients with flexibility and vivid creativity.

Ten years have passed since the foundation of our company. Having a vivid creativity and being flexible in responding to matters are our unique characteristics as a young company.
Even for made-to-order products, we strive to provide flawless workpieces, while having a brand-conscious mind which states "this is the work of Oyama Engineering "and placing value on our expression-rich, original cutting.

Speed is the first and foremost priority for our clients.
We have a standardized cutting technique by structuring the original manufacturing program.Thus we have succeeded in eliminating wasteful processes and delivering prototypes within a short period of time. We now enjoy the confidence of our clients.

03"Challenge" and "Ingenuity"

Reliable quality, new imagination and creativity emerge from a clean and tidy work environment.

Creativity is a key for craftsmanship.
We believe that a comfortable workplace environment helps realize effective ideas and high-quality workpieces.

All the cutting processes are covered and protected, but oil still scatters around those areas. Therefore we strive to keep our factory clean to make a better work environment.

Keeping a clean and tidy environment enables for high-precision and qualified machining that is required for components used in the aerospace industry. This will enable quality assurance by the CNC 3D Measuring Machine achieved without failure.

Our new recent challenge has been an art work in which we collaborated with a jewelry designer.
It is fascinating to see a two dimensional drawing becoming three dimensional and transform into a completed workpiece.
Using this process, we can create not only strong industrial products, but also beautiful and expressive works of art. One of our raisons d'etre is to communicate the possibilities of our cutting technique, which go beyond people's conventional thinking.

"Challenge" and "ingenuity" have been our top priority since the foundation of the company.
We would like to contribute to our clients who require a fine machining technique, not only in areas of molding and the aerospace industry, but also in medical care and fine arts.

Please feel free to contact us from the inquiry form or by calling if you would like to have a consultation or make a request regarding producing prototypes or manufacturing as a whole.